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  • I've never belly danced before, where do I start?"
    It's never too late to start! Take a look at our class schedule and sign up for your first class!
  • What do I wear to class? Do I have to show my belly?
    Dress comfortably! You can wear gym/yoga attire and dance barefoot, in socks, or dance shoes. Up to you! And no, you do not HAVE to show your belly!
  • How often are classes and how long is each class?
    We hold group classes are daily and we have them in the daytime and the evening. Many of our classes are open level and you can join any time. Other classes are courses that last 8-12 weeks and meet once a week. Most of our group classes and private lessons are 55 minutes long.
  • If I miss a class will it set me back?
    Some of our classes are open level, so if you miss one, it's okay! Courses are 8-12 weeks long and cumulative, so we suggest you try to make it to all. Classes that focus on choreography as well as technique is also okay to miss one, but don't make it a habit! You can also take a private lesson for more help if you feel you are too far behind.
  • Is Belly Dancing expensive in terms of buying special shoes, outfits or anything like that?"
    ​ The prices definitely vary for costumes and such, but you do not need to wear one in class! You can purchase a coin belt, or simply just a scarf to wrap around your hips. There are no requirements to buy anything additional to participate. For special classes that include props you may need to purchase or borrow them from our boutique.
  • What are the benefits from Belly Dancing?
    There are many benefits to Belly Dancing that motivate students to dance. Increase in self confidence, meeting people and making new friends, Belly Dancing is great exercise, you will lose weight and gain muscle, acquire more grace and poise, overcome shyness, relieve stress, it's a great form of entertainment, relaxation, cultural interests, more fun and enjoyment out of social life, belong to a group with similar interests and purpose and it can increase your dance-confidence, not just in belly dance, but all forms of dance.​
  • How old do you have to be to participate?
    ​ As of now, classes are open to all ages 12 years of age and older. All students are in the same dance area. We have students of ALL ages. It is never too late to start.
  • Are there any live performances that we will get to do? ​
    Every month the students have opportunities to do a live performance. You are not required to, but are certainly encouraged to!​ If you are intersted in performing, make sure to speak to your teacher about oppurtunities we have available
  • Do I have to have any prior experience to join your class?
    Belly dancing is based on natural body movements. Of course, as anything new it is not by any means "easy". Isolating movements throughout the body is very important to learn and once you get more advanced you learn to layer the moves.However, don't think you cannot learn because you have never danced before. Let this be your chance to bring out the dancing goddess in you.
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